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We are an outsourced investment strategy consultant that works with financial professionals to design, implement, and monitor investment models and processes for investment committees and other professionals serving in a fiduciary capacity.

Our Philosophy

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What We Do


Investment models that accurately reflect the investment committee’s beliefs and philosophy


Investment Committee structure and review guidelines.


Model portfolio performance and other evaluation criteria

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Model Management

Defining Strategies

IDM’s Strategies

Strategic Equity 

  • Provide low cost, tax efficient exposure to global equity markets

Tactical Equity

  • Obtain equity market exposure in normal markets with the ability to defensively alter asset class in times of volatility

Active Global Asset

  • Obtain exposure to managers who have demonstrated the ability to allocate globally across asset classes and sectors

Multi-Sector Fixed

  • Obtain exposure to fixed income markets across asset classes and regions

Dynamic Yield

  • Generate a long term target of twice the current yield of the 10 yr US Treasury


  • Generating positive, stable returns independent of global markets

IDM’s Portfolios

IDM provides Risk Based ETF and ETF/Mutual Fund blended portfolios. Our solutions have zero trading cost and give your firm the benefit of holistic outsourcing.