Investment Design Management was created to address a need present within the financial advice industry specifically related to investment portfolio management. The previous options available to financial professionals in the management of their portfolios was on either a do-it-yourself solution or a prepackaged platform, sometimes referred to as a Turnkey Asset Management Program (TAMP).

The do-it-yourself model is a huge drain on organization resources in that the financial professional either is taking time away from client interactions to perform necessary monitoring of portfolio offerings and processes or forced to hire individuals internally to perform this work. The prepackaged solutions are effective time savers, but the end solution is usually not in line with advisor’s core beliefs and is extremely rigid in its allocations. This rigidity stifles the ability for the advisor to address their clients needs in a tailored way and prevents the ability to offer a portfolio solution that builds the organization’s brand over the prepackaged solution.

Investment Design Management has set out to bridge this gap between the two ends of the portfolio solution spectrum by creating an outsourced service solution with all the benefits of professional processes, monitoring, and management without forcing our clients into rigid prepackaged solutions. We are effectively giving control back to the financial professional to save time and costs while allowing them the autonomy to customize their portfolio management offerings to better address the needs of their clients.